Child Support

Many clients have questions about child support. Here is some information that will help you understand it better.


Your Minor Children Must Receive Child Support

Child support is a right that belongs to your child, and it cannot be waived by you or the other parent. Florida child support is controlled by statute. You and the other parent have a duty to support your children and that support cannot be waived.

During your divorce proceeding, the court may order one of you to make support payments in line with the Florida child support guidelines.


Child Support Guidelines

The guidelines schedule is based on your combined net incomes and is allocated to each of your children as if you, your spouse, and your children were still living together as an intact family. You and your spouse should be able to reach a fair settlement for your children without the need for litigation or a costly trial.

Ultimately, the trial court has the discretion to determine the amount of child support. The court will consider both the needs of your children and the overall financial circumstances of your family.

Generally, the support guidelines has the following approximate distribution:

  • 1 Child = 22% of the paying spouse’s net income
  • 2 Children = 32% of the paying spouse’s net income
  • 3 Children = 41% of the paying spouse’s net income

You can find the Florida Child Support Guidelines in Chapter 61.30 Florida Statutes.


Child Support & Health Insurance

Your order for child support must contain a provision for your child’s health insurance, and the health insurance must be reasonable in cost and accessible to your child. If you do not have health benefits, you can apply for affordable health care benefits through Healthy Kids and KidCare.


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