Connection Lost? Reconnect Now!

I was sitting at my computer one day when my blue-tooth mouse suddenly stopped working. A picture of a computer mouse appeared on my screen to tell me what I already knew. Underneath the image, the words read “connection lost.”

I couldn’t move forward with my work. I was frustrated and stuck. The mouse’s connection to my computer is responsible for facilitating nearly all the work I do during the day. When the connection is lost, I’m at a loss for what to do next.

As family law lawyers, we are given the gift of being able to help our clients through some of the toughest stuff they will ever experience in their lives. Sometimes the actions they take are for the best in the end, but nevertheless, the transition is a challenge.

During life challenges it is of the utmost importance to make sure our “connections” stay intact – whether they be connections to friends, family, doing the things that make us feel “whole,” or to Spirit. We need the grounding force that the good things in our lives give us. This is especially so when life has thrown us a curve ball or we have decided to be the “pitcher.”

During my divorce in 1995, it was my connection to God and the practice of yoga (it helped enhance my awareness of my connection to God) that kept me moving forward in an ever-evolving way. Sure, I made the mistakes that many young adults do.

But it was my connection to that which I hold the most importance – God – that helped me grow into the person I am today. It was this connection that assisted me in transforming those mistakes into learning lessons.

If you are going through a tough time, I encourage you to seek out the people, places and beliefs that nourish you, that keep you going. And when this challenging time ends (and it will end) remember what got you through and continue to seek it out. Those nourishing, good-for-you things in the good times will only serve to make your life that much better.

Affirmation: In this moment, I choose to participate in activities which nourish me and not deplete me. In this moment, I surround myself with people who nourish me and not deplete me. In this moment, I choose to feed my body foods that nourish me and not deplete me. In this moment, I choose the thoughts which nourish me and not deplete me. And so it is. Thank you, God.

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  1. Mrs. Grossman,

    I was online searching for a Pro Bono family law/divorce attorney.
    As I was reading some of the profiles and sites of these pro bono attorneys, I was highly discouraged.
    Little information was provided, and what was provided gave me no confidence in the fact that they would take time to understand my circumstance, care about it, and be able to represent me sufficiently.
    When I came across your site I knew instantly there would be something different about what I was about to read.
    I also knew you were not going to be a pro bono attorney.
    I chuckled at the thought and felt compelled to read anyways.
    How glad I am that I took this time.
    My battle in court has been a 4 year process with what seems no end in sight.
    I finally had to in my time of prayer and struggling for control with the Lord decide, though I am about to go into what seems the battle of my life (moving residences to be with my new husband while keeping custody of my daughter) and face a judge who will decide that future, that it is my God who is in control and will have the final say.
    That when I align my will with His instead of my own, and give control back to God where it belongs, I can move in peace instead of fear.
    Fear of a judge and the legal system that is gray at it’s best of relocation matters in Florida.
    That if I must represent myself there is a God who walks before me preparing my way.
    I just must seek him for knowledge and wisdom as I must do diligent studies on this matter on my own, and trust for the rest to come together.

    I had to realize I made this issue so big in fear, I wasn’t seeing the easy side.
    That is, God is bigger than my circumstance. For me it is huge, for Him, he seen it coming and has it under control.
    So my connection that I had lost in the sight of fear was reconnected as I walked in the promise.
    My lesson learned is:
    I choose to believe in his promise.
    I choose to believe in his love.
    I choose to move in peace.
    I choose to trust.
    I choose to serve for god’s glory in the worst of times.
    I choose to believe that “In all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
    and as you wrote in your blog of encouragment,
    “and so it is.”
    I add, and so it will be!
    May your site bless those who read it the way it blessed me.
    You have served me without even taking on my case, and that is what I call a good work!!
    May he bless you and keep you!

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