We Are Divorce Lawyers Who Have Been Divorced


We have personal experience.

We personally understand what it feels like to go through a divorce because we’ve been through it. We understand the intense emotions and the personal struggles that you will probably experience during your divorce. We can share with you all of your available options for getting divorced, techniques for managing the challenging emotions, and we can help you choose the right divorce process for you.

Some of our clients come to us saying “My divorce lawyer does not understand me or what I am going through so I am looking for someone else.” We have other clients who say that their current lawyer does not listen to them or care about what they are going through.  We personally know what it feels like to go through a divorce.  We appreciate the fact that it can be one of the most stressful events you will likely ever experience.  We are available to help you now.  Just give us a call at (407) 573-2301.


We Understand The Stress of Divorce

Did you know that divorce is officially recognized as one of life’s most stressful experiences and ranks just below death of a spouse?  In fact, some suggest divorce is more stressful than the death of a close family member. No matter how long you have been married, a divorce is often the best alternative based upon who you are and your unique life circumstances.  We have first-hand experience with handling the stress of divorce.


Our Goal is to Minimize Emotional Injury

We understand that divorce in Florida has changed, and we embrace this change. This new phase of Florida family law proposes that there must be a focus on minimizing harm to families.

One of our goals is to improve the interworking of your family, by empowering you and your family through skills development, to resolve conflict, and by providing alternative dispute resolution processes to help you keep some control over the outcome of your dispute.  The goal is less emotional injury for your family.

“Minimizing conflict and moving the parties first to amicable resolution as a goal requires new knowledge, focus, and skills beyond those of a litigator.”

– Judge Renee Goldenberg

Your children can suffer with the traditional divorce process, when you and your spouse are thrust farther apart during the critical time when you should be working together to create a new parenting model.

Litigating family disputes at trial should be the last resort and the lawyers at Grossman & Grossman hold firm to that principle.  We believe…

The needs and best interest of children should be the primary consideration. Children should live in safe and permanent homes All persons should be treated with objectivity, sensitivity, dignity, and respect.


We Believe Trial is The Last Resort

We  want to help you resolve your divorce in a more healthy and less emotionally harmful way.  We are prepared to handle your divorce case with a focus on reasonableness, your interests, and your emotional well-being.

We are the only husband and wife family law firm in the Orlando area that have Master of Laws degrees from the #1 ranked dispute resolution institution in the country, which means we can better help you resolve your case before trial.

We know you have questions.  Give us a call now at (407) 573-2301, and we would be happy to talk with you.