We Are Different


A Different Kind of Divorce Attorney

We believe that you, your feelings, and emotions, are critically important.

Like other divorce attorneys, we focus on the law and the facts.  Unlike some divorce lawyers, we go beyond the law and the facts and consider your emotional well-being and the potential psychological impact a proposed legal resolution might have for you and your family.

This means that we use the law to bring positive change to you and your family, such as healing, wholeness, or harmony, as part of our work on resolving your case. This means that we will talk about and consider your needs, values, beliefs, goals, psychological well-being, and interpersonal relations because they are important.


Divorce Lawyers Who Believe in The Power of Therapeutic Jurisprudence

The law, legal procedures, and legal professionals will have psychological effects on you. We constantly examine whether the law’s harmful consequences can be reduced, and its positive effects enhanced.

What this means for you is that we will work for you, attempting to minimize the destruction of you and your family, while working to enhance positive benefits.  Whether you need help with a divorce, mediation, alimony, child support, child custody, paternity, property division, or collaborative divorce, we can help you now.

We care about your well-being and are sensitive to the impact that legal professionals and procedures can have upon you and your family. Don’t cause yourself or your family harm that can be avoided. Give yourself and your family a chance to become better while getting what you need. Call (407) 573-2301 to speak with a lawyer now.

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